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The Three Elements Necessary in Your Business to Scale Your Business

Do you remember what it felt like when you first got into business? For most business owners we speak with, they had dreams and aspirations of creating a business that provides them all of the freedom business ownership has to offer. Thoughts of prosperity and freedom from controls slowly (or in some cases) quickly give way to feeling like you are enslaved to your business. In other words, it seems like the business owns you instead of you owning the business.

Many business owners that we come into contact with are flat our exhausted. The very thing (their business) that was supposed to be their ticket to freedom instead has enslaved them. This blog is aimed at uncovering the three essential elements that have to be in your business in order to deliver the freedom that true business ownership has to offer.

You see, it really does not have to be so hard. The American school system has done a great dis-service to aspiring business owners. Schools go into great detail on teaching people how to be great “worker bees” but do a poor job teaching people the critical aspects of leadership and management that are vital to the success of any organization.

So, without further ado, here are the three elements necessary to scale your business: a predictable marketing system, a scalable selling system, and a consistent operating model. In the sections below, we will discuss each facet.

A Predictable Marketing System

 Many business owners use the term marketing and sales in the same sentence. The fact of the matter is that sales and marketing are two completely different business processes. Marketing is a one to many relationship to where a company delivers its unique selling proposition to its intended target market in a systematic way. The sole purpose of marketing is to generate a lead.

A lead is nothing more than someone who has seen or heard your marketing message and gives you permission to contact them again in the near future. Marketing should be the most boring and predictable process in your business. If you deliver the right message, to the right market, in the right way, you can generate leads, on demand.

A Scalable Selling System

 Selling is what happens when a lead is generated. After someone gives you the permission to contact him or her again because your value proposition resonated with him or her, selling is nothing more than a one to one conversation to educate him or her on the value you provide him or her while uncovering what he or she want to accomplish.

Most sales people are under the impression that selling is telling people about how great their product or service is to their market. Nothing can be further from the truth. Selling is a process in which a sales person uncovers what the prospect wants to achieve and then provide solutions that solve the prospect’s challenges.

Brian Tracy, a very successful businessman and business owner, said that selling is not telling. It is a process in which the sales person discovers the challenges the prospect wants, asks them what they would like to achieve, and then provides a solution that is meaningful to the prospect.

A Consistent Operating Model

 Anyone can cook a better hamburger than McDonalds. If this is the case, why does McDonalds sell billions of dollars of hamburgers each year? The reason is because they deliver a consistent buying experience to the market it serves. In other words, no matter which McDonalds I go to, the chicken nuggets, French fries, and hamburgers taste the same.

The way McDonalds achieves this is by having business processes that are consistent at each store they have and then having the right measurements for each business process to ensure that the quality is consistent. In our consulting practice, we call these Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

KPIs are specific, measureable, and time bound metrics that you can track to make sure the customer experience is where you want it to be. Examples include percentage of satisfied customers, number of jobs completed on time and on budget, gross margin percentage, net operating percentage, and number of complaints.


Once you have the vital 3 business processes in place, you are well on your way to achieving all of the freedom true business ownership has to offer.

In order to make your business scalable, Cornerstone Consulting has developed the 30-Minute “Business Accelerator” which we conduct over the phone with you. Here is what we can accomplish together in this fast-paced, zero-nonsense session:

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The 30 Minute Business Accelerator is conducted by the CEO of our company, Charles Alvarez, who has worked with more than 200 corporations including Shell, Enterprise Partners, Crestwood Midstream Partners and many well-known privately held businesses in the Houston area. Please be assured that this consultation will not be a thinly disguised sales presentation; it will consist of the best intelligence Charles can supply in a thirty minute time span. There is no charge for this, but please be advised that the call must be strictly limited to 30 minutes.

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