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The Six P’s of Business Success

There is a six “P” formula for personal and business strategy success: “Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.”

There are seven advantages to “Proper Prior Planning:”

First, the planning process forces you to organize your thinking and identify all the key issues that must be dealt with if you are ultimately going to be successful.

Second, thinking through what you must do to accomplish your goals enables you to plan your actions carefully before you begin, thereby saving you enormous costs of time, people and money.

Third, a good plan, thoroughly discussed and evaluated, enables you to identify flaws and errors that could prove fatal to your business later on. It enables you to ask “what if?” questions. For example, “What are the worst possible things that could happen if you were to take a particular course of action?”

You Can’t Get There From Here

In many cases, as the result of careful planning and analysis, the decision makers will realize that it is not possible to achieve a particular goal with the time or resources available, or under the existing circumstances. Sometimes, the very best business deals in your career are the ones that you don’t get into in the first place.

I worked for a wealthy man some years ago who gave me a piece of advance I never forgot. He said, “It is always easier to get into something than it is to get out of it.””

He taught me that the time to do the careful thinking is before you commit resources and people, not afterwards.

Identify The Weaknesses In Advance

The fourth benefit of proper prior planning is that it enables you to identify weaknesses in your plan and make provisions to compensate for those weaknesses. Often, you can identify a “fatal flaw,” that if you were not aware of, would lead to the failure of the enterprise. This is only possible by going through the planning process.

Determine Your Opportunities

Fifth, planning enables you to identify strengths and potential opportunities that you can take advantage of to increase the likelihood of success. Often, you will be unaware of your particular strengths, or the opportunities that exist in the situation, before you go through the planning process.

Focus Your Energies

The sixth benefit of planning is that it enables you to focus your time and money, and concentrate all of your resources on the one or two objectives that you must achieve to make the enterprise successful. In the absence of clear focus and concentration, you will tend to spread your energies over a wide area and end up accomplishing very little.

The seventh benefit of proper planning is that it will inevitably save you hours, weeks and months of confusion, mistakes and losses of both money and energy.


Cornerstone Advisory & Business Coaching has developed the 30-Minute “Business Accelerator” which we conduct over the phone with you. Here is what we can accomplish together in this fast-paced, zero-nonsense session:

  • Lead Magnet: According to the Harvard Business Review, less than 3% of companies in America can articulate their competitive advantage to their market. We will review your marketing material and make any modification necessary to attract more leads to your business, on demand.
  • Revenue Boost: Frustrated by your sales numbers the past few years? We have helped hundreds of clients achieve an immediate boost to sales using one strategy that works like a champ every time. We will detail the strategy out for you in detail and create a roadmap on how to easily implement it.
  • Increase Employee Performance: Are you frustrated by the performance of one (or more) of your employees? We will show you the two biggest motivators for your employees and how to use them to boost employee performance.

The 30 Minute Business Accelerator is conducted by the CEO of our company, Charles Alvarez, who has worked with more than 200 corporations including Shell, Enterprise Partners, Crestwood Midstream Partners and many well-known privately held businesses in the Houston area. Please be assured that this consultation will not be a thinly disguised sales presentation; it will consist of the best intelligence Charles can supply in a thirty minute time span. There is no charge for this, but please be advised that the call must be strictly limited to 30 minutes.

Interested in scheduling a consultation? Use this link to view our calendar of available times > OUR CALENDAR. After you select a date and time, we will provide you with a pre-consultation questionnaire that will prepare both you and us to get you the maximum value in the shortest amount of time.