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The Seven Vital Steps in Business to Business Selling

As 2015 comes to a close, many business owners find themselves in one of three circumstances when it comes to their sales. Either they met their sales objective, did not meet their sales objective, or they are simply glad to just have survived another year. Within this blog, we will lay out the seven critical steps to the business to business sales process and sales training Houston so that you can scale your business and reach your 2016 revenue objectives.

The seven steps are as follows:  prospecting, relationship building, discovery, presenting, overcoming objections, asking for the business, and referrals/repeat orders.

Step 1: Prospecting

There is an old adage in business that says that nothing in business happens without a sale.  We disagree.  Nothing in business happens until the business first generates a lead.  A lead is defined as anyone that has come across your marketing message and is interested in having further contact from your organization on the products or services you provide.  The best sales professionals spend 40% of their week prospecting for business.

Step 2: Relationship Building

Relationship building is a systematic process that your sales team takes in EDUCATING the lead on why they should do business with you.  Many businesses call this following up with prospects.  We do not consider any activity a follow up unless your sales team has properly educated the lead on at least one reason why they should do business with your organization.  The most effective sales professionals spend 30% of their time educating their leads.

Step 3: Discovery

The most effective sales people see their job as uncovering the challenges their leads are encountering and what it would look like if that challenge was solved.  The discovery process is nothing more than a voice-to-voice or face-to-face meeting with your lead to discovery where they are now and what they would like to achieve.  The top sales professionals spend 20% of their time in discovery.

Step 4: Presenting

Steps 4 through 7 are the easiest steps for a sales professional to execute.  The problem is that most sales people get into sales to present and close – not to prospect.  Therein lies the main issue as to why companies struggle to meet their sales objectives.  In life, there is a price to pay for success.  In sales, that price is having the persistent and resolve to prospect, relationship build, and discover.  The presentation phase, assuming steps 1 through 3 are done correctly, is simply providing your lead a solution to the challenge they are encountering.

Step 5: Overcoming Objections

So how do you know when you have done steps 1 through 4 correctly?  When you lead asks you questions.  It is out belief that the best sales opportunities is when your lead first says “No” to your proposal.  When you lead has objections, this is a good sign.  It is our responsibility as sales professionals to answer their questions in a manner that benefits the lead.

Step 6: Ask for the Order

It is shocking to find out how few sales people actually ask their prospect for the order.  The “Ask” should be nothing more than simply asking the lead, “how would you like to proceed?”  In the most recent studies by the American Marketing Association, less than 34% of sales people ever ask for the order.

Step 7: Referrals and Repeat Orders

The final step is to ask your customers for repeat orders and for referrals.  Less than 6% of companies ever ask their customers and clients for a referral.  Often times, the best new business comes from happy customers and clients.  When was the last time you asked for one?

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