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The 3 Ingredients Necessary to Generate All the Leads Your Business Can Handle, On Demand

Many business owners become frustrated at the lack of results their marketing campaigns provide their business. The main reason is that business owners begin with the incorrect question. Typically, the first question business owners ask is whether to implement direct mail, social media, email marketing, networking, or web marketing to get leads for their business. Once they select the method of getting leads, businesses implement it only to find the results less than satisfying.

The issue with this approach is that business owners are putting the cart before the horse. The channel to use to get leads should be the last decision you make when it comes to creating and implementing your marketing campaign. By properly planning and executing the right strategy to reach your target audience, you will turn every one of your marketing campaigns into a resounding success.

The Three Ingredients to Marketing Success

The first place to start as you develop your marketing strategy is determining who your target market is for your business. Based on experience, a small to mid-sized business cannot target more than four target markets actively. This does not mean that a business cannot accept business from a market outside of its target. However, time and resources available limit a business. If you are marketing to everybody, then you are marketing to nobody. In today’s day and age, marketing is about personalization where people want to do business with people that understand their issues and that you have the skill sets and/or product(s) to fix their issues.

The second step is to determine the right message to send your target market. The message addresses your target market’s core challenges and pain points, provides them hope that your company can fix it, educates them on what makes your company better than other solutions in the market, and provides them an offer to take the first easy step in solving their challenges.

The third step is choosing the correct form of media to deliver your message to your target market.  Each target market you choose will have its own unique method of how that market wants to be marketing.  For example, if you are going after technology companies, chances are good that they will find you through online media strategies such as social media, Google AdWords, and Facebook ads.  However, if you are marketing to general contractors, old school marketing channels like telephone, direct mail, and letters might be your best option.

Cornerstone Consulting has developed the 30-Minute “Business Accelerator” which we conduct over the phone with you. Here is what we can accomplish together in this fast-paced, zero-nonsense session:

  • Lead Magnet: According to the Harvard Business Review, less than 3% of companies in America can articulate their competitive advantage to their market. We will review your marketing material and make any modification necessary to attract more leads to your business, on demand.
  • Revenue Boost: Frustrated by your sales numbers the past few years? We have helped hundreds of clients achieve an immediate boost to sales using one strategy that works like a champ every time. We will detail the strategy out for you in detail and create a roadmap on how to easily implement it.
  • Increase Employee Performance: Are you frustrated by the performance of one (or more) of your employees? We will show you the two biggest motivators for your employees and how to use them to boost employee performance.

The 30 Minute Business Accelerator is conducted by the CEO of our company, Charles Alvarez, who has worked with more than 200 corporations including Shell, Enterprise Partners, Crestwood Midstream Partners and many well-known privately held businesses in the Houston area. Please be assured that this consultation will not be a thinly disguised sales presentation; it will consist of the best intelligence Charles can supply in a thirty minute time span. There is no charge for this, but please be advised that the call must be strictly limited to 30 minutes.

To secure a time for this consultation, please click here to access our calendar to schedule your time. After you select a date and time, we will provide you with a pre-consultation questionnaire that will prepare both you and us to get you the maximum value in the shortest amount of time.