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Outsourced Solutions for Sales

We have heard many times that finding dependable and productive sales professionals is a huge challenge. Our Outsourced Solutions for Sales program is where we act as your outside sales and/or inside sales organization. Cornerstone Growth Solutions will execute the sales process from cradle to grave. This means we will generate the leads for you, nurture the leads for you, set up introductory calls for you, convert introductory calls into discovery calls for you, work with your team to develop proposals and statements of work, present your leads with the proposal or solution, and close new business.

Are you sick and tired of wasting money on unproductive sales people?

Cornerstone can also conduct inside sales on behalf of your organization by working with your team to identify clients or customers where there is an opportunity to upsell as well as re-engage inactive clients. Our sales team will also proactively ask the customers and clients you give us permission to contact them for referrals.

Cornerstone will provide you a weekly report on our sales activity as well as participate in sales meetings within your organization. The report is designed to provide you information on the activity and the productivity of your outsourced sales team. Below are the typical performance standards our clients hold us to:

  • Number of leads generated
  • Number of introductory calls set
  • Number of introductory calls held
  • Number of discovery calls/appointments set
  • Number of discovery calls/appointments attended
  • Number of proposals sent
  • Number of new clients
  • Revenue Generated from New Prospects
  • Revenue Generated from Existing Clients
  • Revenue Generated from Inactive Clients

What the program consists of: 

  1. Outbound lead generation
  2. A seasoned sales team that has a rich history in growing sales
  3. More sales driven revenue

How we get it for you:

  1. We generate outbounds leads for your organization
  2. We will set introductory calls with one of our sales team members that specializes in your field
  3. We will convert the introductory call into a discovery call
  4. We will integrate with your CRM so that you know what is going on at all times
  5. We will provide you metrics on our sales activity and results
  6. We will work with you and your team on generating and delivering proposals
  7. We will close new sales with the leads we generate for you
  8. With your permission, we will generate more business with existing clients and reactivate stale clients

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