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We enhance the performance of your team in a manner that makes a meaningful impact on your bottom line.

Results-Based Operations

Do You Want to Make More Money While Working Less?

CEOs at business-to-business companies continue to be frustrated with the inability to find the right people for their business, tight cash flows, the lack of accountability, and having to be pulled into the weeds. On this 90-day program, you will have an operations team that will be held accountable to scorecards, higher profits by streamlining operations and eliminating waste, retain and do more business with your existing clients, and design a communication plan that allows information to flow easily within and around your organization.

The Holmes Report field study discovered that most companies lose $26,041 in profits per year per employee due to poor leadership, poor decision making, ineffective communication, and low employee engagement.

Cornerstone will transform your operations team into a well-oiled machine, so you can focus on what you should be doing as a CEO: closing deals, establishing and communicating the vision of your company, and investing in your executive team.

Below is what you will get out of the 90-day Results-Based Operations program:

  1. You and the executive team will get back eight (8) hours of your week to devote to business growth initiatives versus getting into the weeds
  2. You will have an accountability system that clearly shows you what is working and what is not working and what to do about it
  3. A team that solves problems that they should be able to solve themselves without bothering you or the executive team all the time
  4. A minimum additional $111,824 in profits per year

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