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We enhance the performance of your team in a manner that makes a meaningful impact on your bottom line.

Results-Based Operations Program

Cornerstone can make your business the most valuable company in your market by expanding your gross profit margin and your net profit margin.

Most growing businesses experience the following challenges:

  • Tight cash flows
  • Unacceptable client attrition
  • Complicated processes that make it hard to get things done
  • Difficulty finding the right people for your business
  • $26,401 per employee per year in lost profits due to poor productivity and ineffective communication

Cornerstone works hand-in-hand with our clients to implement an accountability system and management system that creates the following results:

  1. You and the executive team will get back eight (8) hours of your week to devote to business growth initiatives versus getting into the weeds
  2. You will have an accountability system that clearly shows you what is working and what is not working and what to do about it
  3. A team that solves problems that they should be able to solve themselves without bothering you or the executive team all the time
  4. A minimum additional $111,824 in profits per year

How do we make it happen?

Most people come to work each day without a clue as to how they are being evaluated, what results are expected of them, what decisions they can and cannot make, how to communicate effectively with their team and clients, how to hold direct reports accountable, or what tasks to focus on.

Here is how we make your company the most profitable and valuable company in your market:

Phase One – Strategic Goal Setting and Assessment

  • Strategic Goal Setting – This step involves setting objectives for your organization in terms of sales, client retention, employee turnover, profitability, and cash flow.
  • DISC Assessments – We will run a DISC assessment on each member of your organization to evaluate their communication skills.
  • Compensation Analysis – You get what you reward. Our team will review the compensation plan for your team members and evaluate what types of behaviors it encourages.
  • Task Allocation Assessment – We will take an inventory and evaluate what tasks the leaders and managers are doing to determine what needs to be delegated.

Phase Two – Design

  • Scorecard Development – Cornerstone will work with your leadership and management teams to develop scorecards for each member of your operations department.
  • Accountability System Design – Once the scorecards are designed and approved, we will work with your leaders and managers to discuss how to enforce the results expected from your team and how to communicate those expectations to your staff.
  • Create the Employee Evaluation Process – Many leaders and managers do a poor job of consistently evaluating their employees. Yes, they may do it once a quarter or once a year, but this is not enough. Being a leader and a manager means that you are also a teacher. This step involves creating how your leaders and managers will coach people up based on their scorecards.
  • Create Communication Plan – Ninety (90) to ninety-five (95) percent of business problems are due to ineffective communication. We will work hand-in-hand with your leaders and managers to develop how information gets shared within your organization and outside your organization. We will also design a process to ensure that what the organization communicates is understood by the listener(s).
  • Compensation Plan Design – In this step, we will either modify, enhance, or re-create the bonus plan and/or the incentive-based compensation plan in a manner that rewards them for exceeding their scorecard performance.
  • Delegation Plan – In this step, we will design the delegation system that your leaders and managers will use to free up their time and will show them how to inspect what they expect.

Phase Three – Implementation

  • Accountability System Implementation – The first step is to articulate to each member of their organization what is expected of them, how their performance will be measured, how often it will be measured, and how they will be held accountable.
  • Employee Evaluation System Implementation – The next step is to implement the employee evaluation system that will act as the foundation for the incentive-based compensation plan.
  • Delegate – This step involves ensuring that your leaders and managers are getting lower value tasks off their plate and onto their staff’s plates. This also entails making sure that the managers and leaders are making time to inspect what they expect.
  • Communication Plan – This phase involves making sure that each team member understands what information needs to be shared, who to share it with, what decisions they can make, and how to share that information.
  • Priority Management – We will create the time block schedules for each team member that focuses them on paying attention to the most important tasks that will achieve the results you want from them.
  • Incentive-Based Compensation Plan Rollout – We will help you roll out the incentive-based compensation plan to your operations department.
  • Field a Winning Team – It always amazes us how quickly things change for the better once the bad apples of an organization are gone. We will help you fire people, if necessary, reallocate people to other roles within the organization, and roll out the performance improvement plan (PIP) process for underperforming team members.

Are you ready to put more money in your pocket by transforming your operations team into a well-oiled machine that delivers the results you want?

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