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The most common business need we hear from our prospects everyday is, “we want more leads. We need a hard core, lead generation plan.”  However, there is an even more important question to ask: “How well are we doing at converting the leads we do get into new clients?” Are you really ready for more leads?

Lead Generation - Cornerstone Growth Solutions

I had a client tell me yesterday that he would love nothing more than to get on the phone with a lead at the point they are ready to buy. Through proven strategies, Cornerstone Growth Solutions is ready to help you take your business to the next level…and now.

The fact of the matter is that the “ready to buy now” lead occurs rarely because there are four necessary ingredients to consummate a sale. A sale is earned when the following variables are in place:

  • The prospect has a budget
  • The prospect has a need
  • The prospect has a relationship with you
  • The prospect is ready to buy (timing)

The main reason leads do not convert into new sales is due to the lack of scalable, repeatable follow up process for lead generation. We can help. Successful lead generation plans require 7 to 12 follow ups to convert a lead into a sale…most sales people give up after 3 follow ups. How many times do you follow up before you cross that lead of the list?

Learn more on how to implement a scalable follow-up system that converts a higher percentage of leads into new clients.

The follow up process described in the link above brought a client $514,000 in new business just in the last quarter. Success is waiting for you to call. Cornerstone Growth Solutions is ready to help you share in similar success. What are you waiting for?

All the best,

Charles I. Alvarez

President & CEO, Cornerstone Growth Solutions


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