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How to Develop Leaders in Your Organization

One of the most searched terms in business today is the word “leadership.”  What amazes me about that is that there are a ton of business books written on the subject yet this remains a very hot topic.  In working with businesses on a daily basis to develop leaders, I believe I can reconcile the two.  On one hand, although there is a lot of information on the subject, there is not a lot of information on how to develop leaders in an organization on a daily basis.  Below are three steps necessary to develop leaders inside an organization:

Step 1 – Identify and Communicate Your Vision

In the Bible, it says that when there is no vision that the people will perish.  The vision of your organization can be summed up in three words: your ideal state.  In other words, what does your company stand for?  What does it want to achieve for the good of your clients or customers?  What does your company want to be known for?

For example, the vision I have for my consulting company is to “deliver freedom to business owners.”  This vision has been communicated to each member of my team and they have embraced it fully because we stand for much more than earning a living.  We stand for something that transcends just earning a paycheck.  We exist to deliver freedom to business owners.  Why do you exist?

Step 2 – Find Our What Your Team Wants

Great leaders are able to take the vision of the company and merge it with the individual goals of each team member.  Dwight Eisenhower said that the mark of a great leader is one who has a vision of what they want to accomplish and enlist others in that vision in a manner that they can accomplish their goals as well.  Therefore, the most logical place to start is to first develop your vision and then to understand what each of your team members want to accomplish.

By doing so, you can show them specifically how your vision can help them achieve their goals.  For example, in my organization, we have a team member that would eventually be the COO of the company.  After we found this out, we developed a plan for him to take on that role within the next 5 years.  What do you think that has done to his productivity?  Let’s just say that we will not be searching for a COO any time soon.

Step 3 – Follow Through

It is one thing to develop your vision; it is an entirely different manner to live it each day.  Today, team members, more than ever, are looking a whole lot closer to what we DO rather than what we SAY.  For example, it is one thing to say that we “deliver freedom to business owners” but quite another to keep our team accountable to live that every day.  When one of our team members is not performing up to par, we simply ask them one question, “how is you performance helping deliver freedom to that client?”

In other words, a vision is not something you come up with once at an executive retreat and then frame it on a wall for no one to see (literally, after about a week, no one will know it is there).  Instead, your vision should be the driving force as to why you and your team get up each day.  This is best done by leading by example versus pointing to a forgotten image on your wall every day.

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