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Lead Generation 

Lead Generation & Appointment Setting

Cornerstone Growth Solutions helps technology companies, digital agencies, staffing and recruiting companies, management consultancies, and architecture and engineering firms get outbound leads that leads to meaningful conversations with decision makers in your target market without cold calling, networking, eating rubber chicken, going to boring tradeshows, or waiting forever to get referrals. The Cornerstone System will provide you high-quality fresh leads each week that matches the demographics of your target market, nurture your fresh leads, and set appointments with qualified prospects using seasoned US-based Business Development team.

  • Do You Want More Leads?
  • Are you confident that you could get new clients if you could engage them in a conversation?
  • Do you know you have a great service yet your target market does not know about your company?

Outsourcing Leads

Cornerstone’s outbound lead generation and appointment setting program is like nothing else on earth. Cornerstone will generate leads through LinkedIn, nurture your leads through an education-based email campaign, and help you build meaningful relationships with decision makers in your target market.

You no longer have to waste precious hours making cold calls or going to time-consuming trade shows or networking groups, because Cornerstone will hand you leads on a silver platter that want to engage you in conversation.

What you get:

  1. 20 to 50 fresh, high quality business-to-business leads, each week
  2. A system that will enable your sales organization to get appointments with decision makers in your target market, each week
  3. A systematic method for making your brand known to the organizations you want to serve
  4. An expansion of your network of high quality relationships with decision makers you want to do business with
  5. A significant increase in your sales pipeline

How we get it for you:

  1. We help you clearly identify the demographics and psychographics of your target market
  2. We develop a competition-crushing value proposition and messaging that compels your new leads to want to have a conversation with you
  3. We get you a list of contacts that match your target market’s demographics
  4. We will send 100 invitations per week through LinkedIn to the list of contacts we get for you
  5. We send your new LinkedIn connections a series of 5 LinkedIn messages over a 5-week period to nurture them and build your credibility
  6. We design, create, and send one non-promotional, education-based email to your new LinkedIn connections
  7. Leverage our seasoned US-based Business Development team to set 10-20 appointments a month per salesperson with qualified prospects
  8. We provide your sales force a powerful appointment setting script based on buyer psychology
  9. We track the results on a weekly basis and proactively reach out to your sales team member that is struggling to improve upon the results using our agile process

Schedule a 15-minute call with one of our Lead Generation & Appointment Setting Strategists to discuss getting your sales team appointments with qualified prospects.