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Another Worried, Sleepless Night?

Has this ever happened to you?

  • You’re EXHAUSTED.
  • You CAN’T sleep.
  • And you’ve been tossin’-n-turnin’ for HOURS.
  • “Great”, you think to yourself.
  • Another L-O-N-G sleepless night.
  • As you sheepishly look at the time, you realize it’s ONLY 2 AM.


Even in the wee hours, the burdens of life (and business) weigh you down.

And try as you might, you CAN’T get back to sleep.

Thoughts of your broken relationships, out-of-control life & wildly-flailing business (NOT sugar-plums) dance in your mind.

Seriously…why would ANY sane person choose to live this way, for as long as you have?!

 It sucks, and sometimes you feel LOST. ALONE. 

And you’d be lying if you said you didn’t think about closin’ up shop almost every day.


…working LONG days, LATE nights AND weekends…

…60, 70, sometimes even 80 hours a week 

…missing important life events. 

…RARELY see friends or Loved ones.

And let’s NOT even START with the money.

Like how LITTLE you’re paying yourself!

It’s YOUR business, but I bet some of your employees make MORE than YOU do!?

You’re WORKING LIKE A SLAVE, why settle for being PAID LIKE ONE TOO?

It’s crazy – This ISN’T what you signed up for. AT ALL.

You feel TRAPPED by a job you HATE and it’s slowly SUCKING THE LIFE FROM YOUR SOUL 

Even in the shower, there’s NO PEACE.

You’re washing your hair, thinking what ELSE you’ll have to take on…

…what NEW fires you’ll have to put out today?

…how much more work will be piled-high on your plate?

 …how much revenue do you need to make up this month, to keep the ship afloat?

 …how much longer can you hold on before you have to start laying people off?

 Admit it…

You LONG to escape the nightmare that’s become YOUR business.

If you’re HONEST, you KNOW it’s true.

But your business WON’T heal itself.

It can’t.

And even though… 

…I’ve helped over 104 successful (yet EXTREMELY stressed-out, burnt-out, underpaid) business owners…

…CREATED LASTING PERSONAL FREEDOM (over the past 4 years)…

…dropped OVER $54,350,000 of CASH-FLOW straight-into-the-heart of their bank accounts… 

I can’t help STUBBORN business owners who REFUSE to change and blame the world for their failures.

I tried, it was a disaster all around. That said… Here’s what I asked all 104 of my (stressed-out, burnt-out, underpaid) business owner clients:


What shocked them was…

It’s a CHOICE.

Profound, right? 


After all the blaming and pointing fingers… 

YOU are 100% responsible for the SUCCESSES in your business.


YOU are to 100% blame for its FAILURES (it’s YOUR business).

But, there’s hope and help (if you want it). 

But ONLY if you’re willing to do these 2 things:

  1. Admit YOU need (want) help to CREATE LASTING PERSONAL FREEDOM
  2. Stop making excuses, and DO something about it

If you are, we should talk.

Listen…It’s NOT too late to stoke the flame of entrepreneurship and rekindle the fire you once had for your business. You CAN get there.  And quickly.… but I MUST warn you.

Here are 5 reasons why my business coaching may NOT be for you:

  1. It’s NOT cheap
  2. It’s ONLY for business owners willing to STOP MAKING EXCUSES
  3. It’s ONLY for business owners who take 100% responsibility for the failures in your business (Not JUST the successes)
  4. It’s for business owners who understand growth in life (and business) is a little uncomfortable at first
  5. If you DON’T want to see REAL-WORLD TANGIBLE breakthroughs in the next 8 weeks.

However, this IS for you, if you’ll DO WHATEVER IT TAKES to:

  • FIX your broken business…
  • Lift your sagging revenue…
  • Empower your employees to take MORE off YOUR plate…
  • Steal your life back from your selfish business.

If that’s you, fill out my Business FREEDOM form and we’ll see if we’re a good fit.

Get your FREEDOM form filled out, and let’s talk soon! 

Yours For Freedom!