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Lead Conversion | Converting Leads to Sales

One of the challenges organizations face is converting leads into new customers as well as generating more business from existing clients. The fastest way to grow sales is to do more business with existing clients and reactivate stale clients. We have found that most businesses can grow sales 18 to 23 percent a year just from their existing book of business. Combining upsells and resales with a higher conversion rate on new leads is a recipe for exponential business growth.

  • Is your business generating plenty of leads but not converting a reasonable amount into new clients?
  • Do you want more leads to convert into sales?

The Sales Conversion program is designed to make a meaningful increase in your sales conversion rate. The sales conversion rate is simply what percentage of your leads your organization converts into new clients. It also entails reducing the sales cycle in most businesses by optimizing the follow up system your sales team uses to close the sale. Most sales professionals only follow up with their leads 2 or 3 times. Most sales occur between the 7th and 12th follow up.

This program is perfect for companies that generate plenty of leads, but your sales team is not converting enough of them into new clients.

What you get:

  1. A higher sales conversion ratio
  2. More sales from existing and inactive clients
  3. Lower sales cycle using a powerful follow up sequence few know about
  4. A higher percentage of new leads converting into new clients


How we get it for you:

  1. We review your cost of sales
  2. We will review your existing sales process for new clients, existing clients, and inactive clients
  3. We review the list of questions your sales team asks
  4. We review your CRM system
  5. We review your sales management system
  6. We will make detailed recommendations on increasing your close ratio
  7. We will enhance your sales conversion process
  8. We will implement an effective accountability system
  9. We will work with you and your sales team to make the CRM system easy to use yet get the information you need
  • We will go on sales calls with your team to ensure they are using the enhanced selling system


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