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Closing Sales

Hubspot reported that the second biggest challenge sales people encounter is closing sales. Isn’t that interesting? The main result you want out of your sales team is their second biggest challenge. No wonder the average professional services company only grows sales by 7.5% per year.

There must be four variables in place to make a sale: a budget for your services, a need, a relationship with one or more members of your sale team, and the right timing.

After a lead is generated and your sales team has had the initial appointmentthe following pieces must be in place to close sales:

  1. The Follow Up Process – After the initial call with a prospect, it takes 7 to 12 follow ups to convert a prospect into a new client. Most salespeople only make 2 follow up calls after the initial appointment. This is where most sales are lost.
  2. The Discovery Process – Selling is not telling. Selling is about asking the right questions.
  3. Making Effective Presentations – Most sales presentations are far too complicated and far too wordy. An effective presentation must be able to identify the business case, present a solution, and present a clear call to action.
  4. Overcome Objections – There are only seven reasons a prospect will not buy. The reasons include apathy, concerns over competence, excess uncertainty, loss of face, more work, ripple effects, and past resentments.
  5. Ask for the Business – When a decision is required by the prospect, only 35% of salespeople ask for the order.
  6. Ask for Referrals – Hubspot reported that 50% of professional services clients would give a referral, yet only 11% of salespeople ever ask for a referral. Each member of your sales team must have a process for when and how to ask for referrals.
  7. Upsells, Cross-sells, and Re-activation – The easiest people in the world to sell are your existing and inactive clients. Yet, these two groups are often ignored. There is a lot of money hidden in them hills.

Cornerstone will work hand-in-hand with you and your sales team to:

  1. Reduce the amount of time it takes to generate sales with prospects, existing clients, and inactive clients
  2. Increase your sales by 15 to 25 percent per year
  3. Increase your rate of sale based on your operation team’s capacity
  4. Increase your margins by accelerating your sales and reducing the cycle time it takes to get a sale
  5. Increase the amount of business you do with existing clients
  6. Re-activate inactive clients
  7. Get referrals from your existing clients
  8. Help keep your sales team accountable to their sales activity and sales results

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