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How to manage a sales team

The first step in managing a sales team is to give clear, specific expectations on what you expect from them. The best way to start is to establish Key Performance Indicators “KPIs” that are activity based and results based.  We find that less is more in setting KPIs and that three KPIs is about all… Read More

What Hurricane Harvey Taught Me About Teamwork and Leadership

Hurricane Harvey taught me and reinforced so many principles on leadership and teamwork that I wanted to devote an email to it and recognize some heroes in Houston. Here is what I saw: Leadership is Taking Initiative Truett Allen, a phenomenal recruiter, did not wait on anyone to take initiative rescuing Houstonians. He saw a… Read More

Another Worried, Sleepless Night?

Has this ever happened to you? You’re EXHAUSTED. You CAN’T sleep. And you’ve been tossin’-n-turnin’ for HOURS. “Great”, you think to yourself. Another L-O-N-G sleepless night. As you sheepishly look at the time, you realize it’s ONLY 2 AM. *SIGH*  Even in the wee hours, the burdens of life (and business) weigh you down. And… Read More

Why Sales Training Does Not Work to Grow Sales

When a business’ sales are not where the leadership team wants it to be, a business typically either invests in sales training or goes out and hire more sales people.  If this is where you find yourself, I would strongly urge you to think twice before embarking down either of those paths. According to CSO… Read More

How to Use the Revenue Formula to Plan Out Your 2016 Business Goal

As 2015 comes to a close, many organizations are reviewing their 2015 numbers and making determinations as to what they would like to accomplish in 2016.  One of the best ways to plan out your 2016 is to leverage the power of the revenue equation.  The revenue equation is simply a mathematical formula that is… Read More

The 3 Ingredients Necessary to Generate All the Leads Your Business Can Handle, On Demand

Many business owners become frustrated at the lack of results their marketing campaigns provide their business. The main reason is that business owners begin with the incorrect question. Typically, the first question business owners ask is whether to implement direct mail, social media, email marketing, networking, or web marketing to get leads for their business…. Read More