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Building a Sales Process for Your Houston Business

Finding the right sales training in Houston can be a good first step toward creating a sales process that works for your business. The right strategies can increase your visibility and produce more traffic for your company. By working with a professional Houston business coach or consultant, you can acquire the skills needed to inspire your sales team and to promote a more consistent approach to marketing throughout your organization.

What Is a Sales Process?

A sales process is the method by which your staff members reach out to customers and pitch your products in the competitive marketplace. By establishing a consistent methodology, you can streamline this process for your sales staff and can enhance your branding efforts with current and potential customers. This can significantly increase your company’s profitability and visibility in the Houston area.

The Seven Stages of the Sales Process

Most sales processes incorporate seven specific components:

  • Prospecting for new customers
  • Building a relationship with your newfound prospects
  • Discovery and research on the motivations and needs of your customers
  • Presenting solutions for pain points and desires
  • Overcoming objections to the purchase or buy-in process
  • Closing the sale
  • Asking for referrals and recommendations for future leads

By motivating your staff members to engage with customers in these seven ways, you can enjoy greater success in the competitive marketplace.

The Motivation Issue

A survey conducted by Gallup in 2012 indicated that only 30 percent of employees reported high levels of motivation and inspiration at work. Finding ways to reach and motivate the other 70 percent of your staff can help you to achieve a higher degree of success in implementing your sales process. By focusing on your staff, you can make a real impact on morale throughout your organization.

Learning How to Grow My Business in Houston

The first step toward greater success is enlisting the help of a proven business coaching and mentoring service to educate your managers and inspire your sales staff. This multi-tiered approach can allow you to enjoy greater profitability after just a few months of your implementation.

The experts at Cornerstone Business Coaching can provide you with the practical help your Houston business needs to achieve greater profitability in the competitive marketplace. We use a simple four-step system based on the strategies pioneered by Brian Tracy and perfected in real-world situations. To learn more about the services we offer, call us today at 713-530-9764. We look forward to the chance to jump-start your marketing campaigns and help you reach a higher level of success.