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Growing sales starts by generating quality leads within your target market. Cornerstone Growth Solutions will generate at least 30 to 40 leads per sales person per week through LinkedIn and nurture those leads through email marketing. Each member of your sales team will be able to set 5 appointments per week in. less than 1 hour and 15 minutes. It will not take long to significantly increase your sales pipeline.

Appointment Setting

The key to growing sales is to have more appointments with your ideal prospects. Our time-tested, proven system built on the principles of buyer psychology has often led our clients to tell us to slow down due to the number of appointments we set. Imagine your sales team and business development team each having 5 appointments a week with ideal prospects. Our Business Development Team will fill your calendar with qualified appointments.

Close Sales

Cornerstone will implement the scalable selling system across your organization which will reduce the amount of time it takes to generate a sale, increase the margin you make on each sale, and increase the amount of sales you generate per existing client We will also implement the accountability system to keep your sales team on point. The average growth rate of our clients is 21% per year.

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Commercial real estate is a very competitive industry.  We were desperate to get good leads and set appointments with them to fill out buildings.  After just two months of working with Cornerstone, two members of our sales team is generating 5 to 10 appointments with our target market.  I plan on expanding the services Cornerstone

Al Hartman CEO, Hartman REIT

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