Sales Team Recruiting and Development Program

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Get the Right Sales Professionals

As our clients grow their sales, they will need to add effective sales professionals to their team. Our time tested, and proven sales recruitment process will help you find the right sales people for your business. Not only will we help you find the right sales people for your business, we will also onboard them and train them to be productive members of your organization.

Below is how we find you the right sales professionals for your business:

  1. Recruiting 
  2. Onboarding
  3. Development

Our process is so effective that 97.8 of the sales people we bring onboard are still profitable resources for our clients’ company three years later.

Phase 1: Recruiting

This phase takes three months to complete. During this process, we will create the job description, interview candidates, assess candidates, and recommend candidates for a face-to face interview with you and your key stakeholders.


Phase 2: Onboarding

Cornerstone will work with you to develop and document the sales process the new sales professional will follow.  This will also include the accountability system Cornerstone and you will use to keep the new hire(s) on track. The onboarding process takes one month to complete.

Phase 3: Development

Four to Six Months. During this phase of the process, Cornerstone will work with the new hire(s) to prospect, build relationships, conduct discovery meetings, make effective and persuasive presentations, overcome objections, and close the sale.

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