The Sales Acceleration Program

The Sales Acceleration Program is designed to fill your sales team's calendar with qualified appointments so that they can generate more sales.

Phase One

Design & Build

Define Your Market – Cornerstone will help you identify your ideal prospect using the 80/20 rule.  Then, we will create a list of ideal prospects that meets the criteria of your ideal prospect.

Define Your Competition Crushing Value Proposition – Less than 3 percent of companies differentiate themselves from the competition.  Cornerstone will help you create a value proposition with benefit-rich language that attract leads to you instead of your competition.

Define Your Platform – Cornerstone specializes in working with professional service companies within the B2B space (Staffing and Recruiting companies, Software companies, IT Outsourcers (aka Managed Service Providers), Management Consulting firms, Accounting firms, Engineering firms, Marketing Agencies, and Architecture and Interior Design Firms). 

Typically, our client’s campaigns use LinkedIn to generate leads, email marketing to educate your prospects on your value differentiators, and then leverage our seasoned callers to set up appointments.  Cornerstone will design the campaigns, create the emails, create the education-based marketing collateral, and the execute the campaign on your behalf.

Active and Inactive Client Remarketing Campaign – Cornerstone will create and implement the campaign to remarket to your existing and inactive clients so that you can realize a return on your investment within the first month of the Sales Accelerator program.


Phase Two


Lead Generation – Cornerstone will use the approved list from Phase 1 and start sending connection requests on your behalf to your target market.  If your title, profile picture, and LinkedIn summary are correct, you will be able to generate interest from 40% to 60% of the invitations sent.

Lead Nurturing – Generating leads is easy.  Converting them to an appointment is where the heavy lifting occurs.  Cornerstone will educate and nurture your leads through an email campaign that we create and execute. Each email will educate your prospects on the value you provide and how you provide it. Each email will also include a very clear call to action so that your leads are compelled to take the next step with you, which is an appointment.

B2B Appointment Setting – Cornerstone will track and report to you, on a weekly basis, how many leads have been generated and how many appointments have been set.  Our professional Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) have been trained and are under our supervision to deliver the amount of meetings you want, each month.

Semimonthly Accountability – Generating appointments is great, converting them to sales is the true value add. One of our Growth Strategists will meet with you twice a month to go over the results of the campaign, determine how many appointments are progressing to the next step, uncover any challenges your sales team may be having in converting the prospect into a client, and make enhancements to the campaign to maximize your return on investment.

Phase Three


Corporate Adoption – Once you see for yourself how quickly your sales will increase, you will want to implement the Sales Accelerator program across your entire organization.  Imagine each member of your sales team having a calendar full of qualified appointments and spending 80% of their time meeting with prospects and closing new business.

Semimonthly Accountability – Our Growth Strategists will continue working with each member of your sales team to grow revenue from existing clients and get new clients.  Cornerstone’s job is to turn ineffective sales team members into productive professionals that help you grow your business.

Sales Management – Our Growth Strategist will work with your team to develop dashboards, sales tools, and management best practices so that you can easily isolate and solve what is keeping your organization from moving forward.

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