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Cornerstone can position you to access the capital that you need to get your business to the next level. Our team understands that each situation is different and as a consequence each capital raise will take on a unique form for each business.

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It almost always never fails.  You have a business that is growing and you need money to get to the next level.  You go to your bank that you have been doing business with for years and pitch them your idea and the amount of money you need to make it happen.  They smile at you and tell you they will start working on it.

The bank asks you for financial statements, tax returns, a personal and business balance sheet, a pro forma, and an application for funding.  They ask you detailed questions about your business and what the money will be used for, which does nothing but get your hopes up.


Then, the bank meets with you further and intensifies your belief that getting the money is only a matter of time.  Then, after a couple of months, they tell you that the loan committee did not approve the loan and that they are so sorry.

Through our partnership with Houston Growth Partners, Cornerstone can help you raise up to $5 million in capital for your business so that you can make your business dreams a reality.

The most successful entrepreneurs understand that having access to capital is key to growth.

Cornerstone can position you and help you get the capital that you need.

Our team understands that each situation is different and as a consequence each capital raise will take on a unique form for each business.

Below is a small sampling of the solutions we deliver to help you get to the next level in your business:

Get Cash Quickly

  • Hard money lending for access to cash quickly.
  • Coaching and consulting you through how to get the bank to say “yes” through conventional financing.

Critical Path Negotiations

  • If you owe someone or an entity money and have seen your cash in the bank drop with deteriorating cash flow trends, we can work with you to negotiate with your lenders, investors, and vendors to eliminate your stress and get you back on the path toward freedom.

Find the Right Buyers

  • Operating lines of credit to normalize your cash flow.
  • Equity capital infusions.
  • Finding buyers for your business so that you can exit.

Grow your Capital

  • Raising money through venture capitalists, private equity firms, and angel investors.
  • Credit negotiations to increase the term on COGS and inventory.
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