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Sales Acceleration

Do You Want More Clients?

The Sales Acceleration program will get you new clients without cold calling, networking, eating rubber chicken, going to boring tradeshows, or waiting forever to get referrals. On this 90-day program, you will have a system that will provide you high quality fresh leads, nurture your fresh leads, set appointments with your leads, and close sales.

The Sales Acceleration program is like nothing else on earth. Cornerstone will generate leads through LinkedIn, nurture your leads through an education-based email campaign, and help you convert leads into new clients.

You no longer have to waste precious hours making cold calls or going to time-consuming trade shows or networking groups, because Cornerstone will hand you leads on a silver platter that you can close.

Below is what you will get out of the 90-day Sales Acceleration program:

  1. 30 to 40 fresh, high quality business-to-business leads, each week
  2. The power to generate 1 appointment for every 5 calls your sales team makes
  3. A minimum sales cycle reduction of 25% from when the lead is generated to when your sales team closes the sale
  4. A significant increase in your sales pipeline
  5. Higher margins on the new clients you get

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