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Richard CrabtreyRichard Crabtrey -Vice President

After completing high school in a suburb north of Dallas, Texas, I joined the United States Navy and spent my early “active duty” life as a Navy Corpsman. I soon learned I had an allergy to long ocean voyages and sought out a boots-on-the-ground position. This led me to volunteer for Fleet Marine Force (FMF) Training – unparalleled training in systematic problem-solving and team operations. I was proud to serve out my remaining time with the Marine Corps “Devil Dogs” as a FMF Corpsman.

My post-military career was in law enforcement, serving in one of the nation’s highest crime areas. Ultimately, this career exposed me to both the best and worst sides of humanity, teaching me some of my greatest life lessons. Some lessons were good, some not-so-good; but lots of lessons nonetheless.

My earliest test in real leadership was as a Field Training Officer and member of the tactical team. It was then I really began to understand the long-term ramifications of my actions and decisions, particularly as they impacted others. The training and mentoring I provided, or failed to provide, would be a huge factor in others’ career success, and more importantly, their survival. Eight years in, I was transferred to the Special Operations Division as a Task Force Officer, where I coordinated operations for multi-national, multi-jurisdictional agencies. This is where having the right people, in the right position was not only important, but it was mission critical.

At the pinnacle of my law enforcement success, still not satisfied, I did the sensible thing and left a 10+ year career to take a position as a Law Enforcement Professional (contractor) in Afghanistan. I worked with units from the U.S. Army Special Forces and Afghan locals to forge strategic relationships, gather critical intelligence, and provide collaboration among units.

After returning from Afghanistan, I began a long journey to deal with me which has truly reshaped my life! Graduating in the bottom 10 of my high school class, school was not my favorite subject, but I chose to push past my self-limiting thoughts and pursue a bachelor’s degree in 2012. Studying leadership and organizational development, I matched my real-world experience with a deeper understanding of the dynamics of organizations and transformational change. My minor in Military Science gave me in-depth knowledge of the military principles used to develop leaders, teamwork, and decision-making skills crucial to the success of the United States Military. My second minor in Creative Studies showed me how to help others see new perspectives, foster innovation, and develop a divergent thought process. Surpassing all previous notions, I graduated in the top of my class at Texas A&M University in 2016.

I have a unique, highly intuitive way of bringing relevance and perspective to business challenges. I tell it like it is and say it the way I see it!